Every year, thousands of new products never get off the ground.

That’s why successful companies launch with FirePower™

At Stratus Global Partners, our mission is to help you develop powerful launch and marketing programs that quickly generate sales and market share for your products.


Businesses need to convert new-product offerings into specific market solutions that address true customer needs.  And they need to do this rapidly, effectively and before the competition.  Lack of resources, time or experience in this area can lead to flawed planning, expensive and inefficient execution, and high probability of failure. That’s why we created Stratus Global Partners.


Stratus Global Partners represents a brain trust of world-class marketing professionals – on three continents -- that have launched hundreds of products globally.  As a result of this extensive experience, we have developed a systematic launch process called FirePower™ that results in focused “go-to-market” strategies and successful, solution-based marketing and sales programs.  This means a fast and positive impact on your bottom line. 


The Stratus FirePower Process connects the right products to the right markets at the right time.

  • Determine critical user needs and the value proposition for the product or service
  • Define whole product solutions--identifying any serious gaps that need to be filled
  • Complete your market segmentation and determine which segments to target
  • Map the entire adoption process and sales cycle to optimal channels best serving the target market
  • Create integrated, solution-based programs that fully engage your channel partners and users
  • Manage product life cycles from launch-to-launch in order to achieve the best balance between growth and profitability
  • Track and evaluate programs and identify additional business opportunities for future investment.


From “Start-ups” to the Global 500 – these companies have benefited from our expertise:

TriGeo Network Security

Fujitsu-Siemens Computers

Saga Software


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So, when you are ready to storm the market, call:

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Stratus Global Partners
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