LaunchPad Series 2.0

Get the latest strategies and tactics for defining markets in preparation for your launch


Series Overview: Exciting and excruciating – making a start-up take flight. What are the hallmarks of companies that succeed and what are the flaws of those that flame out? How do you build and manage a high-growth company? What are the keys to solidifying a management team? How do you find financing or select investors who will bring in financial and strategic capital? What are the keys to successful execution? Kickstand is proud to bring you "LaunchPad 2.0," a ten-part seminar series constructed to answer these questions and address critical issues facing emerging growth companies in today's tough environment. Come listen to the amazing veterans who are forging the way!


Define Your Market

Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

A cool technology won’t sell for its own sake. It has to solve a problem that someone needs solved. This may require some market positioning, product enhancement or redesign. Make customers say “it’s about time” rather than “what is it again”?  This workshop focuses on issues relating to the market: how to identify what’s unique about your product, and how to find customers that would buy it.


Panelists:  James Jay Longwell, President/CEO at Stratus Global Partners 

                     Greg Mower, Managing Partner at Stratus Global Partners              


Perkins Coie, 1111 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 500, Boise, ID
Parking is located in the visitor lot on the corner of 12th and Bannock Street.


Fee Information (per person)
$30 Individual Session
$225 full program
$175 for Kickstand, BYP, and ITC Members ($17 a session)
Registrants who purchase the Full Program will receive 10% off IdaVation.